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Feelin' grungy? Clean up the planet and your self care routine with ethically sourced, gentle, effective skin and hair care products whipped up right here in grunge central station, Washington.

If your skin is just as unruly as you are, Grunge Goddess was made with you in mind. With unapologetic color palettes and brazen bouquets of nonconformist scents, these bath essentials will rock your unique skin like no other.

I have a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science, so you can leave it to me to find the perfect formulations for your unique skin. I have been featured as a guest blogger on The Making Life and Apple Inspired Life.

Let this testimonial speak for itself:

Your soap has been a godsend in our house. Seriously. So obsessed! … I don’t have to use dry shampoo all the time anymore. My hair lays nicer than it has in a long time and it feels great. Your facial soap also makes my face feel like it has a natural toner in it to lock in moisture. And it works great on my kids. Love, love, love!

-KayLa A.

clarissa mugshotI’m Clarissa and I live in Spokane, Washington with my other half, our daughter, and our many furry and feathered friends. By day, I’m a medical laboratory scientist. I began making soap for myself in 2014 because I wanted a more user friendly, eco-conscious take on natural soap to ease my complex skin needs. I soon founded Athena’s Soap to share my skin solutions with the world which is now known as Grunge Goddess.

My mission is to serve up healthy, eco-friendly bath and body essentials inspired by all things grunge music and counter-culture.

My vision is to raise consciousness of how we treat our planet and how we treat ourselves.

My promise is to use my company as leverage to raise awareness about mental health, equality, and preserving the music scene. This may look like donating to local organizations and charities, vending at fundraising events, and donating scraps to shelters and national organizations such as Clean the World.

I’m especially sensitive of the topic of mental health because I’ve lost four people to suicide, most recently my mom on August 10, 2020. My first ever charity soap, The Hopeful Soap, directly benefits To Write Love On Her Arms. This nonprofit brings hope and help to those suffering from depression, self-harm, anxiety, addiction, and suicidal ideation.

Here’s what I have in store for you:

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