The Ultimate Grunge Goddess Gift Guide 2020

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Yes, you deserve bath goodies worth writing home about! When you take care of yourself, use products that make your skin, your soul, and the planet happy. It’s magical how much a little extra loving yourself can do.

This mini gift guide will help get you or a loved one started on a self care journey. It features products from my signature soap collection.

+The beach bum: Salt of the Earth is a purifying brine bar that will convince your skin it’s taking a dip in the ocean.

queen bee product photo
+Farmers market aficionado: If you love to shop local, this shea and colloidal oat bar features raw wildflower honey from local apiaries in Greenbluff, Washington.


+Witchy woman: Take a candlelit bath with the Arianrhod mason jar and soap set. This experience is absolutely otherworldly.


artemis bar soap product photo
+Tough lady/man: I get so many special requests for my pine tar formula. It’s creosote free and crazy therapeutic and aromatic. Choose from the Artemis charity bar featuring nag champa and cedarwood, or the Viking soap which is scented with balsam pine.


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+Lady of the garden: If tending your quiet green apothecary is your vibe, Gaea is for you. This colorful aloe vera and shea formula will brighten up your shower and your skin.


permafrosting soap product photo
+The one who thinks they own all of the bath and body care products: But do you have a whipped bar of soap? Permafrosting is beat into a fluffy meringue before molding and cutting it. It even floats!


And there you have it, the gift guide for your holiday gifting pleasure. Take a peek in the shop to find them all. Which one is your spirit soap?

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