Welcome: The Blog of Blogs

Hey, it’s my first blog post! On the Grunge Goddess blog, anyway. You’ll see.

I didn’t want to leave my blog neglected while I get all my business- and holiday-related plates spinning, so I’m doing a little ice-breaker post of guest posts I’ve written for other blogs. I wrote two recently that are both soap-related but approached from two angles.

KayLa’s Apple Inspired Life

My blog post on Apple Inspired Life divulges why I even started making soap in the first place. Peer pressure? Boredom? Stuck on a deserted island and couldn’t take my filthy self any longer? Find out.

Kayla of Apple Inspired Life followed up with her own post about what my products have done for her and her family. I totally get the struggle here! But, luckily, I have solutions. Wink, wink.

If you’re interested, check out her Apple Inspired Life blog that puts the reader in the shoes of a momma of special needs kids.

Ned and Hannah’s The Making Life

The other blog I was featured in is on The Making Life, a website with tons of ideas for makers and creatives of all types and ages!

Here I wrote a guest post about my actual soapmaking process. How is soap formulated? What do you need to make it? Is it easy? Read up for the answers.

That’s it for now. Short but sweet. I need to go wrap up some holiday soaps in pretty ribbons!

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